Simple, Elegant & Affordable Glass Signage Unique Sandwich System for Glass Signage

Welcome to Designer Glass Signs

Designer Glass Signs provides a simple, elegant, and affordable solution for all your professional signage needs.

Our signs are based on a sandwich system consisting of two glass panes, a laser-printer compatible film, and polished stainless steel standoffs. Using our provided templates (available in popular formats like MS Word and OpenOffice), you can easily create new signs or replace existing ones from your PC.


Not only is the cost of our signs lower than that of competing etched glass systems, but due to the interchangeable film, you only buy them once!


Design the signs yourself, avoiding miscommunications with third party designers.


Make changes to your signs quickly and easily. Eliminate the time (and cost) of having new signs custom-made by a specialist!


The sleek glass and stainless steel look will fit in with, and enhance even the most unique interior decors.